What teachers say about us, what clients say about us

When Joe McGann became our link consultant, the strong working relationship continued seamlessly. He understands the education sector and how leaders and managers work within it. This makes the dialogue very productive and secure.

Over the course of this year, Joe has provided the school with very good supply teachers and cover supervisors. In turn, he helps them understand the school and feel supported when they are here. His communication to all parties is just excellent, and it means we have strong repeat supply teachers who choose to come to us, even when there are closer or easier options for them.

Joe is a considerate and experienced professional; having him on side has made the daily operations much more efficient. As the lead on cover, I can fully rely upon him to find solutions quickly and communicate with me very regularly. These two strengths really ease some of the pressures in a busy educational setting.

Paul Cuthbert

Deputy Headteacher

Joe McGann has been our central point of contact. Joe has been an asset to our central Trust recruitment, recruiting for a range of posts in both Primary and Secondary.

Over the years Joe has listened to feedback, been attentive to the needs of the Trust and taken direction very well. Joe was integral to strengthening partnership. It is the ease of communication, prompt response and respect for the busy world of education which has favoured our choice of partnership.

Joe is approachable, down to earth and offers a personalised liaison which is flexible, diligent and trustworthy. Joe can be relied upon to locate high quality candidates who are appropriately skilled. Joe has made accurate judgements about candidates and always listens to feedback in order to select the most appropriate and suitable staff.

Ms Mona Taybi

Acting Headteacher